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Oct 14, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is talking about the frequent topic that when addressing Agile and Waterfall sometimes seems that it is used as a weapon to keep people away, and to advocate for the usage of one way (Agile or Waterfall) against the other.


In this episode, Dan will explore how to begin a constructive conversation regarding moving forward using Agile or Waterfall when facing a challenge that needs to be overcome.


Key Takeaways

  • Agile vs Waterfall
    • When deciding which approach to use, think about what the goals are, and then decide what tactics you will apply.
    • In a complex domain, where is a lot of uncertainty, and collaboration and exploration are needed, Agile will be the most suitable approach.
    • If you need to repeatedly deliver a consistent product, Waterfall is the most efficient approach.
  • What is the distinction between project management through an Agile and a Waterfall perspective?
    • Project management has a place in Agile delivery even though in the Scrum framework there is no room for a project manager.
    • Companies have budgets and need the ability to forecast; they need to be able to adjust as learning happens, so thinking about how a project gets managed in an Agile ROAM is relevant. Don’t fall into thinking that project management is only a Waterfall approach.
  • Situations where coaches and Scrum Masters enter into an organization.
    • Check where people are before trying to “fix them.”
    • Try to understand what is happening in the environment first.
    • Be curious about the structure and how effective it is.


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