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Aug 12, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by Andrea Floyd to explore the concept of change.


In this episode, Andrea and Dan talk about the critical importance of change, since as an Agilist, what needs to be embraced as always present is change. Change is involved in every part of an Agile journey, it is a way of working and a way of dealing with people. They also address the significance of being mindful of the impact change can have on people and the organization.


Key Takeaways

  • Change is constant, make it accessible.
    • Change doesn’t have to feel threatening, instead, it needs to invite curiosity and engagement.
    • If you are considering change, think about how you are presenting the topic so you are inviting people in, rather than making them want to run from the conversation.
    • First, it is important to set a safe environment to start the dialogue, then invite diverse ideas and thought.
    • Explore your today before trying to think in a different future.
    • Incremental change is a way to make people comfortable with the change they are making.
    • Understanding the intention behind the change is a key part of its success.
  • Change is hard.
    • While you are changing, life doesn’t stop, the train is still moving down the track.
    • Keep in mind that every person reacts to change differently.
    • Inspection and adaption are critical. Start with small changes!
    • Keep your goal in mind and come up with a road map for the change you are looking for.
    • Don’t forget to celebrate the achievements and the people who contribute to making that change possible.
  • Once a change is going, how do you prevent people from reverting?
    • An organization needs people who offer support and reinforcement when things are chaotic.


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Agile Alliance 2022, Nashville, Tennessee


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