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Sep 23, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by Patricia Kong in today’s episode. Patricia is the Product Owner, Enterprise Agility, and Learning Enablement for Scrum.Org.


In this episode, Dan and Patricia are exploring a new training class Scrum is offering called Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills Training which is directed not just to Scrum Masters but for all levels including all leaders and Team members too.


Key Takeaways

  • What is Learning Enablement?
    • It is the place to improve your profile and skills by learning from the experiences of the individuals who are actually doing the work.
    • Learning enablement is directed at people who are really looking to develop people and Teams, specifically improving some of their own skills so they can help others.
  • What is the Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills Training about?
    • Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills is an interactive course designed to help Scrum practitioners develop a facilitator’s mindset and proficiency in facilitation skills, and learn when and how to select effective techniques for various circumstances.
    • This class takes all real-life scenarios to help Scrum Masters facilitate the solutions that Teams need to get to agreements.
    • This course includes the five principles for facilitation.
    • The target of this course is for individuals on a Scrum Team but it could be great also for people in management roles.
    • The training takes one day (equivalent to 8 hours) which includes some in-person and some virtual experiences.
  • The matter of meetings...
    • Most leaders think their meetings are great (when they are not).
    • The purpose of the meeting needs to be clear, and the meeting should be avoided if the content could be in an email or a video.
    • Facilitation skills are useful when nobody is providing feedback or they don’t even show up to the meeting.
  • Conflict isn’t bad!
    • If you are in a creative space, there will be conflict, since different members will come up with different ideas.


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