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Jan 25, 2019

Today on the Agile Coaches’ Corner, your host, Dan Neumann invites on Sean Davis to explore the DevOps movement. Sean is one of Dan’s colleagues at AgileThought and is a DevOps expert and frequent conference speaker. He has been a Business Transformation Consultant at AgileThought for nearly two years now and previously was a Technical Advisor at InterContinental Hotel Groups.


In this episode, Dan and Sean explore the background and history behind DevOps, where they believe it is headed in the future, the enablers that help teams be most effective with DevOps, important mindsets to bring to DevOps, as well as both the challenges and benefits of DevOps not having a defined manifesto or framework.


Key Takeaways

Challenges Sean sees the most without a manifesto in terms of defining good DevOps:

  • It is harder to get education around it
  • Lack of standardization
  • Lots of interpretations of what DevOps is

The benefits of DevOps not having a defined manifesto or framework:

  • Freedom to create different frameworks around what works best for a customer or organization so it’s much more adaptive
  • A supported culture of collaboration
  • Able to adapt and grow more easily over the years
  • Continuous learning

Important mindsets to bring into DevOps:

  • Focus on connecting the dots of Dev and Ops
  • Work together as a team and articulate that to the business
  • Get every stakeholder of the business involved
  • Don’t do things in a vacuum
  • Learn from every experience, good or bad
  • Effectively debrief so you’re continuously improving and learning
  • A strong culture with expectations

Where Sean sees DevOps headed and where he thinks it should head:

  • A possible name change as the name itself is limiting
  • Not to think of DevOps in such a narrow way and instead, think of how to radiate it throughout the entire organization
  • Be more careful about building silos in communities
  • Move towards a model similar to ADAPT (which ties together Transformation, Agile, DevOps, and Product all into one executable transformation)
  • DevSecOps and a greater culture of collaboration


Mentioned in this Episode:

Sean Davis (LinkedIn)

Agile Manifesto

Patrick Debois (AKA the Godfather of DevOps)

John Willis’ framework, CAMS

DevOps Institute

ITSM Academy

Gene Kim’s ‘Three Ways’





VSTS (Azure DevOps)

Derek Wade

Tom Gilmore, creator of ADAPT


Sean Davis’ Book Picks

The Phoenix Project: A Novel about IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win, by Gene Kim, Kevin Behr, and George Spafford

Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux


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