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Jun 10, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by Gerardo De La Fuente to talk about Agile and what it looks like to really embrace this Agile methods.


In this episode, Dan and Gerardo discuss those cases when Agile seems to be assumed but actually, it turns out to be just a shallow performance. Are people just showing up or joining with heart and soul in the Agile ways? Listen to this episode for a great synopsis of what truly is to embrace Agile.


Key Takeaways

Showing up vs Embracing Agile

Agility for a Scrum team requires an understanding of all of the different roles in order to have the right expectations. Everyone has different accountabilities!

- When Teams are challenged, the Scrum Master might be tempted to provide solutions, but that does not help in the long run. Teams should come to their own conclusions.

- A Scrum Master has to know how to facilitate and listen, as well as to make the right questions.

- A Scrum Master does not have the leading role in the play, the star is the Team. A Scrum Master needs to embrace the role of a Servant Leader.

Teams need to understand the purpose of Scrum, its values, and its pillars (transparency, inspection, and adaptation) in order to fully realize the benefits of this Agile method.

Scrum Masters find a valuable resource in collaborating and sharing situations and ideas.

Receiving feedback is crucial!

There needs to be psychological safety on the Team so people can be open to feedback.

In a Team, all members are peers collaborating with each other.

Collaboration also takes place with the Product Owner.

Admitting you don’t know is tough.

It takes courage to provide insides about aspects that are not understood or are being done incorrectly. Being open from the beginning saves a lot of trouble.

When there is a knowledge or skill gap, it is helpful to reach out to someone else in the organization for help.

Agile Teams commit to delivering value

The entire Team works together and contributes towards reaching the goal.




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