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Sep 20, 2019

Today’s guest is Jenny Tarwater! Jenny is a Collaboration Coach and owner of Blueshift Innovation, as well as the co-organizer of the Lean Agile KC Conference and Agile Game Night. On top of that, she is also the International Program Director for Launching New Voices for Women in Agile.

The focus of today’s podcast is going to be all about the new Women in Agile initiative, Launching New Voices. As an expert on the topic, Jenny explains what the initiative is all about, how it is making a difference in the space, and how they are helping new voices step up and share their stories and experiences. She also highlights many success stories and the kinds of outcomes they have seen from the program and how you can get involved for yourself!


Don’t miss this week’s episode to learn about how Launching New Voices is empowering new speakers and providing powerful experiences for them to grow and succeed!


Key Takeaways

 What is ‘Launching New Voices’ initiative?

They are shedding light on new voices who are showcasing new ideas

They are lowering the barrier for entry for those who have a message or a story  to tell through providing a better onramp to that stage

It is an effort to break outside the traditional networks

A chance to step out of the safety of your network and into new communities

A program that gives service to the new voices that are being launched and provides new experiences for them

A way to increase diversity and inclusion

How Jenny is helping these new voices become more comfortable through Launching New Voices and Women in Agile:

Through providing classes and training on public speaking for those new to speaking

By providing opportunities and experiences for new speakers (specifically, giving them an opportunity to speak at the Women in Agile 2019 Conference and through pairing them with an experienced mentor)

Success stories and outcomes from bringing new voices forward:

Reignites the passion of the mentors and new voices alike

The proteges become very recognizable

Gives new voices incredible opportunities for networking as well as new speaking opportunities

Provides multiple pathways to continue to foster these new voices after they speak at the conference

Where to learn more or become a ‘new voice’ yourself:

If you’re a protege or mentor, you can sign up on to learn more

For conference organizers, consider a Launching New Voices program at your conference

Email or contact Jenny personally through her LinkedIn or Twitter

Other ways to get involved if you don’t have a Launching New Voices program near you:

Join or create a meetup — they’re a great way to present new ideas and experiences to a smaller group


Mentioned in this Episode:

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The Agile Alliance’s Women in Agile Initiative

Women in Agile 2019 Conference

Jenny Tarwater’s LinkedIn

Jenny Tarwater’s Twitter @JennyKCMO

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Jenny Tarwater’s Book Pick:

7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results, by Esther Derby


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