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Nov 11, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by his co-worker Ola Tunde. In this episode, Dan and Tunde are addressing a most important topic, which is the matter of learning to ask and identify powerful questions. Knowing how to frame a question correctly can lead to better outcomes; a leader needs to know how to make inspirational questions that will encourage paradigm shifts.


Key Takeaways

  • Framing a question correctly can deliver an outcome in three stages: curiosity, discovery, and introspection.
  • How can you tell apart a regular and a powerful question?
    • The right question will promote a paradigm shift.
    • Lead by asking inspirational questions to help you reach your goal.
    • Move away from tactical questions and ask inspirational ones, a leader inspires the workers.
    • A powerful question can be the seed to help a worker grow, or reach a discovery from a place of curiosity and knowledge.
  • How is a powerful question constructed?
    • Intent, outcome, and empathy should be involved in the act of asking a powerful question.
  • Be aware of assumptions that can sneak into the questions that are being asked.
  • Remember to test your question first.
    • How would you feel if you were asked the same question?
    • Why are you asking the question? A powerful question is constructed from the heart; ask it because you really care.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Lead Without Blame: Building Resilient Learning Teams, by Diana Larsen and Tricia Broderick

Tunde’s PDF with examples of powerful questions

The Art of Agile Development second edition, by James Shore


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