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Sep 10, 2021

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by a guest from outside of the Agile Coaches’ Corner, Mike Dionne, who is a Scrum Master and Coach, to explore some of the valuable work he has done with teams from a coaching standpoint.


In this episode, Mike shares how to make work fun and attractive so people would hate Fridays and love Mondays. Mike dives deep into the crucial importance of participation, collaboration, creating a safe environment that fosters vulnerability, and how to promote self-propelling and self-organizing teams.


Key Takeaways

  • How does Mike make things different, beyond Scrum events?
    • If you make things fun, people will want to go to work on Monday,
    • Participation is key: You need to want to be part of the team.
    • Start with a ten-to-fifteen-minute exercise that is fun.
  • An Agile Team needs to be a game where everybody can win.
    • We all succeed or we all fail; communication and collaboration are at the core of a healthy team.
  • A team has to be real.
    • Vulnerability is only possible in a safe environment.
  • How to enable self-organization in teams?
    • Self-propelling is the core of a self-organizing team.
    • Form a team, make it a good team, and bring work to it.
    • Avoid just forming a group of individuals for a certain job, they might never become a team.


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