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Jul 30, 2021

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by a first-time guest on the podcast, Seth Jacobs. He is a Sr. Director of Experience Design at  AgileThought.


In this episode, Seth talks about technical excellence, from a design language and design system pattern to help the audience understand how these systems and patterns can be started and used, as well as the implications of evolving them over time.


Key Takeaways

  • What is a Director of an Experience Practice?
    • The role of an experienced practice director is to approach design from an architectural level, how the design teams work together, as well as contemplating what has been delivered.
    • A Director of an Experience Practice supports teamwork.


  • Where are some of the places where technical excellence really pays off from an agility standpoint?
    • Documentation has a huge role on the technical side, how they are taking them and how they are being shared among the team.
    • The Storybook is a way of having the collection of components or controls that are used in an application, that becomes a visual library for everyone across the teams to use.


  • How is standardization balanced to avoid getting stuck?
    • The design system is really the collection of several different things including a component library, and how all these components are arranged into patterns.
    • The benefits of the design system are clear when all teams have a shared understanding of what patterns need to be implemented in which cases.


  • How is the feedback received from people who are working from the design patterns in order for them to continue to evolve?
    • It depends on the size of the teams and how they are structured.
    • Agile Thought counts with a core team that works with the designers and through the design thinking process, to then feed these processes on the other teams.


  • Why are the elements of a design system so valuable? How do they pay off?
    • One of the biggest payoffs is for the users.
    • It makes sure that consistency is being preserved.
    • Seth talks about different design language tools.


  • How should organizations react to changes?
    • Go back to the original user’s journeys and the goals of the user to see what kind of potentially systemic effects that change could have.
    • Remember, the most important thing is how much value you can bring to the business or the user.


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