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Nov 26, 2021

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by a first-time guest and AgileThought colleague Jesus Gerardo De La Fuente Garcia. Thanksgiving is here, and a lot of what Coaches and Scrum Masters do is about giving.


In this episode, Dan and Gerardo dive deep into the role of a Scrum Master as a teacher, leaving for a future episode the two other roles, being one as a coach and the other as a mentor. They explain the meaning of a team, the values implied in it, and how a Scrum Master can foster a safe environment for a team to thrive.


Key Takeaways

  • How is giving perceived by a Scrum Master?
    • Scrum Masters are in a great position to help others to be successful.
    • A Scrum Master can cover three important positions: Coach, Teacher, and Mentor.
  • What does it mean to be a team?
    • Clear is kind: It is a great way to start to clarify the principles and values of the Scrum Framework for the team to know, not only what they are doing, but why they are doing it. Then they can start to share identity as team members.
    • Working in collaboration to achieve a shared goal effectively.
    • Listening to other team members.
    • Taking everybody’s ideas under consideration.
    • Accountability and candid respect need to be present at all times among team members.
    • Sharing best practices as well as the bad habits that need to be avoided.
    • A team needs to be taught how to be self-organized and be able to make decisions when needed.
  • A gift that a Scrum Master can give to a team is having fun!
    • Strengthening collaboration bonds and enhancing the team spirit.
    • Using mindful techniques and games can help to bring a team together.
    • Every member is a crucial part of the team.
  • Thankfulness
    • Nothing is for granted; gratefulness needs to be practiced at all times.
    • Openness and trust given by team members are well appreciated.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant-Leadership, by Geoff Watts



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