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Dec 17, 2021

This week, Agile Santa (Dan Neumann), your host, is joined by Hal Hogue, Misi Eyetsemitan, Alba Uribe, Rosemary Atanga, and Jesus Gerardo de la Fuente Garcia in this very special Christmas Special. Agile Santa is taking some Christmas requests from these very special coaches as well as listening to what they are grateful for about this year’s work.


Key Takeaways

Gerardo tells Agile Santa his favorite part of this year’s work and what is on his Agile Santa list.

Having a global and multicultural team.

Team members have served their stakeholders, delivering value and outcomes, and also used the Sprint Reviews to showcase their work.

Gerardo wishes to be better at story mapping.

Hal talks to Agile Santa.

Hal is grateful for working with people, getting involved with Agile teams, helping them understand the way behind the tasks they are working on, and growing as individuals, as teams, and even helping entire organizations with their own Agile Transformation.

Hal confesses that he struggles sometimes with being judgmental, so he has been reminding himself to be curious instead.

Hal wishes he could know his clients and coworkers personally, on a more human level.

Elf Misi presents Coach Alba who shares her wishes with Agile Santa.

Alba wishes to have organizations embrace an Agile Mindset, understanding all the value that Agile can bring.

Elf Misi introduces Rosemary to Agile Santa and she shares her Christmas wishes with him.

Rosemary has been a good coach, looking after everybody on her team, making sure they are doing what they are supposed to do, and giving them the support that they needed.

Rosemary wishes Agile Santa makes real all the outstanding things Agile Teams are waiting to happen.

Rosemary asks for consistent encouragement and motivation.


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