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Agile Coaches' Corner shares practical concepts in an approachable way. It is for agile practitioners and business leaders seeking expert advice on improving the way they work to achieve their desired outcomes. If you have a topic you'd like discussed, email it to, or tweet it with #agilethoughtpodcast.

Jun 7, 2024

This week, your host, Dan Neumann, is accompanied by Gill Broza. Gil is known for simplifying the complex and making the implicit explicit so people can make better choices. He is a writer and never prescribes a single right way.


In this episode, Dan and Gil explore how to help teams grow and produce improved outcomes while diving deep into a discussion regarding Gil’s latest book, Deliver Better Results.


Key Takeaways

  • Agile introduced the concept that multiple ways exist to create, ideate, and deliver products.

  • The variety of Agile methods can be paralyzing

  • Gil proposes five levels of adoption to find the best “fit for purpose”

    • The primary purpose is to help the company succeed while doing it timely and showing adaptability.

    • Six aspects of fitness for purpose in the delivery process are throughput, outcomes, timeliness, adaptation, consistency, and cost efficiency.

    • The value lies in how well we serve the company and the effect of the work.

  • The people matter the most; they are the ones transiting the process.

    • The strategies proposed by Gil work because people start to behave differently.

  • Ways of working result from combining the tactics we use (process, practices, roles, artifacts, tools) and the mindset we employ while executing the tactics. The mindset is defined by choice-making, which has three components: purpose, beliefs, and principles.

    • Sometimes, you need to change tactics and mindset simultaneously. It requires hard work but could be the only way to work.

    • Decisions made in one place of the system can have ramifications everywhere else.

    • Gil prefers to use the term “way of working” instead of “process” since it is a bigger construct and includes the choice-making component. The words we use matter; they communicate the way that we work and how we approach tasks.


Mentioned in this Episode:

Deliver Better Result: How to Unlock Your Organization’s Potential., by Gil Broza

Chapter 1 of Deliver Better Results

Thinking in Systems, by Donella Meadows

The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives by Leonard Mlodinow

Random Acts of Medicine: The Hidden Forces That Sway Doctors, Impact Patients, and Shape Our Health, by Anupam Jena and Christopher Worsham

Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When You Don't Have All the Facts, by Annie Duke


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