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Oct 1, 2021

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by two AgileThought colleagues, Andrea Floyd and Buyi Kalala, to explore the topic of diversity in teams.


In this episode, Dan, Andrea, and Buyi talk about some of the challenges they have encountered in regards to diversity, sharing their observations, and experiences in regards to how diversity can enhance the work of a team but also highlighting the real challenges that come with it.


Key Takeaways

  • Diversity: benefits, challenges, and how to promote it.
    • People often make assumptions about looks, accents, and other traits, these are many times not only incorrect but can also hurt and create distance between individuals.
    • Inclusivity is showing people who belong to minorities appreciation and awareness of their unique experiences.
    • Be patient, practice active listening, and find a meaningful way to engage.
  • Active listening is the key to promote diversity.
    • Do you really understand what someone just said? Did you give them the space and time to express themselves? Are you working together towards the expected outcome?
    • One trick: While listening, write down the topics you want to reply to, this way you will avoid interrupting the speaker and can also concentrate on what is being said.
    • There is a growth opportunity in highlighting the achievements (instead of focusing on what is still pending or can be improved).
  • Some strategies to alleviate the concern of a team member in regards to feeling worthy (especially when belonging to a minority group)
    • Go slowly, you are unique, and your strength relies on it.
    • Every moment can be an opportunity to forge your way.
    • Be aware of where you are in your individual journey as well as in the organization and the team.
  • Diversity is a catalyst for innovation.
    • Most innovation can be originated only in a safe environment.
    • People have to feel comfortable to be part of the conversation.
    • Create a pattern in the way you are communicating where people start noticing you, how you speak and engage is important.
  • Techniques to create safety in the workplace
    • Make sure each person knows you care about them as human beings, not as functional resources who help to get the process going.
    • Use creativity to create a space where every “who” is valued, respected, and invited to the conversation.
    • Empower teams by encouraging them consistently.


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