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Oct 20, 2023

Dive into the intricacies of empowering teams with Justin Thatil, Mariano Oliveti and Erica Menendez. They unravel the ties between trust, psychological safety, and the overarching impact on organizational morale and performance.


Major Discussion Points:

Analogies & Metaphors in Team Dynamics

  • Concept of kick-starting a team.

  • Driving metaphor: Same route, varying challenges daily.

Trust in Teams

  • Importance and fragility of trust.

  • Danger of general punitive measures after one team's misstep.

Rules, Guardrails, & Accountability

  • Establishment and reassessment after failures.

  • Relationship between autonomy, self-accountability, and psychological safety.

  • Negative spiral from lack of psychological safety leading to a command-control environment.

Concept of Experimentation

  • "Fail fast, cheap, and forward."

  • ROI of experimentation and organizational risk tolerance.

  • Differences in approach for predictable vs. unpredictable industries.

Journey of Empowerment

  • The long process built on trust and time.

  • Dynamics of teams slowly evolving as trust develops.


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Self-Accountability begins with Self Awareness” — Mariano Oliveti


Empowerment through trust and autonomy takes time” – Erica Menendez