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May 19, 2023

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by his colleague Justin Thatil to explore POWER Start, a great strategy to help you plan, structure, and run your meetings effectively.


In this episode, Dan and Justin dive deep into the structure of POWER Start and the fantastic benefits that result from using it as the most effective tool to make meetings productive and, even sometimes, the way of knowing when an event needs to be canceled.


Key Takeaways

  • What is POWER Start?

    • It is a formula that was created to allow people invited to a meeting to have the right frame in order to have a productive session.

    • POWER: Purpose, Outcomes, WIIFM (What is in it for the attendee?), Engagement, and Roles and Responsibilities.

    • POWER start is the formula for the host of the meeting to communicate to the folks who will be attending the event about the most important aspects of it, for example: How is the Team going to be engaging? What is the purpose of the meeting? How they will be contributing to it?


    • Knowing the purpose of the meeting is crucially important, which also lets you know why someone is invited to a particular meeting.

    • Knowing the purpose of a meeting means understanding the reason why people are getting together.


    • The outcome is explicit, and it refers to what could be deliverable.

    • What are we trying to achieve as a result of this meeting?

    • Sharing this information helps the assistants to prepare for it and be able to anticipate what the session will be like.

  • WIIFM (What is in it for the attendee?):

    • This section contains the benefit that each of the attendees can expect from a particular meeting.

    • Sometimes there is a concrete reward.

    • It can also be a reminder that there is a bigger purpose to what each of the attendees is doing.

    • You can engage and propose solutions; it goes beyond the idea of being lectured by someone.

  • ENGAGEMENT. How does POWER Start engage the participants? 

    • The meeting’s host need to puts into practice facilitation techniques.

    • Sometimes staying concentrated is not that simple! Using the proper engagement tools is vital.


    • What is expected from the attendees of a meeting?

    • A Scrum master is expected to exercise the art of participation so members are encouraged to be engaged in their roles.

  • After the meeting:

    • The “after” should be based on the outcome you had set for the meeting.

    • What are the actions that I need to take after the meeting?


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