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Mar 18, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann, your host, is sharing what he has learned from his continuous learning journey that brought him to acting classes several months ago and that now involves him getting a part as an actor in a play. Dan learned from his acting classes a lot of wisdom that can also be applied to Agility and in the delivery of value to the organization and he is sharing it in today’s episode.


Key Takeaways

 ● Role clarity is crucial.

○ Expectations are related to the role you are playing.

○ Not every decision has to be made by consensus. Not everyone on the Team must agree.

○ There’s a time and a place for people to share ideas.

○ Ask permission to share feedback, and make sure you are invited in.

● Embrace the fact that estimations and plans will change.

○ Your estimate is always going to be wrong.

● What can you do to make sure you are prepared to bring your whole self to the work?

○ How does your individual performance affect the whole team?

● Personal accountability:

○ Who is responsible for what?

○ Know your part but also don’t ignore the others’ accountabilities

Ask questions if you need clarification.

○ Advocate for your own needs: What do you need to be successful?

● Transitions:

○ Reflect and think through the transitions to improve them.

○ What are the triggers for change?

● Risk assessing:

○ How can you forecast risks? You can’t eliminate risk. Things will go wrong, and you will need to adjust in time.

● Take care of people.

○ People are not resources; we are complicated and our emotional and physical needs have to be contemplated.

○ Let people know what is coming; uncertainty is uncomfortable.

○ Be clear about starting with an ending in mind.

○ Reach out to your people, be supportive, check how they are doing.


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