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Jun 17, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by two Agile colleagues: Erica Menendez and Justin Thatil


In this episode, they discuss the features of a high-performing Scrum Team and how this closely interacts with following and honoring the Scrum Values of openness, commitment, focus, courage, and respect. Dan, Erica, and Justin share valuable examples of their own Agile Journeys to define the main characteristics of a mature Scrum Team.


Key Takeaways

  • A great Scrum Team:
    • Follows Scrum values: openness, commitment, focus, courage, and respect.
    • Knows how to focus.
    • Identifies the goal to be achieved and works in a self-organized way in that direction.
    • Is about having the psychological safety to be open about feelings, difficult circumstances, and even celebrations.
  • Social time at the Daily Scrum is up to each Team to determine.
  • The Team must volunteer to take action.
    • Scrum Team members must be able to recognize each other’s strengths.
    • Team Members can help each other with their personal goals.
  • How does a mature Scrum Team behaves when things don’t go well?
    • Courage and respect are needed to face the problem.
    • Team members know how to respectfully disagree.
    • Identify what is going to be improved, changed, and done differently.
    • A Scrum Team must be willing to try something different, experimenting together.
  • A Scrum Team is committed to working together in all of the different Agile values.
    • A Scrum Team is also willing to fail when trying to solve a problem with an innovative approach.
  • Trust lives in a Scrum Team.


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