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Jul 8, 2022

This week, Dan Neumann is joined by two guests, Mariano Oliveti, and Hal Hogue to talk about a topic that was inspired by a listener who recently was in a meeting where this question came up: What does a Scrum Master do with a Team that is very mature?


In this episode, Dan, Mariano, and Hal explore the concept of the maturity of a Team; does the continuous learning journey ever reach an end? Can Scrum Masters fully accomplish their work? Listen to this episode to find the answers to these very thought-provoking questions.


Key Takeaways

  • What does a Mature Team look like?
    • A mature Team has a growth mindset, members are always trying to improve.
    • A mature Team fails occasionally, they learn from these experiences and are not afraid of failure.
    • Members of a mature Team often actively listen to each other, they have healthy conflict, and they are not competing against each other.
    • Mature Teams focus on the outcome of what they are doing.
  • Can a Scrum Master still provide value to a very mature Team?
    • A Team might be great, but it will never be perfect; there is always an opportunity for continuous improvement.
    • If the Scrum Master is achieving a point where he believes there is nothing more to contribute to a Team, maybe he is confronted with his own fixed mindset; did this Scrum Master lose his curiosity?
    • A Scrum Master is part of the Team; he needs to self-reflect on his role constantly in order to do things differently and better for the entire Team.
    • Inviting a third party to facilitate activities for the Team and give an outside perspective is very valuable.
  • A Scrum Master must nurture an experimental mindset in their Team.
    • Trying something different is always an enriching experience.
    • A Scrum Master must provide a safe environment where Team members are not afraid of failure.


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