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Apr 28, 2023

This week, Ola Tunde joins Dan Neumann to explore the innovations on SAFe, which just launched the 6.0 version.  

In this episode, they talk about the new features of SAFe 6.0, including new strategic themes. Dan and Ola Tunde dive deep into the benefits and advancements this latest version of SAFe offers Teams and Organizations. 

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic Themes that SAFe presents: 

    • Strengthening the Foundation for Business Agility

    • Empowering the Agile Team even in their responsibilities, giving decision-making authority to the Teams.

    • Accelerating value flow: How does a Team identify the bottlenecks? What is slowing down the value of delivery?

    • Enhancing business agility with SAFe across the business

    • Building the future with AI, Big Data, and Cloud

    • Delivering better outcomes with measure, grow, and OKRs

  • How does machine learning fit into SAFe 6.0?

    • SAFe 6.0 gives exposure to AI.

    • SAFe 6.0 enables and promotes the uses and practices of AI.

  • SAFe 6.0 focuses on measurements on every level before scaling.

    • Velocity is not what we should measure.

    • SAFe 6.0 empowers the Scrum Master but also holds it accountable.

    • A Scrum Master must help with the improvements of Flow by using metrics.

    • A Scrum Master must support the solutions in delivering each iteration. 

  • SAFe 6.0 will help organizations hire more quality than hiring bodies.


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